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A 40-minute, two-part introduction to Jeannette Rankin, not only the First Woman in Congress, but the first woman ever elected to a national representative body anywhere in the world. Rankin was called many things in her lifetime—suffragette, feminist, pacifist, a traitor, a disgrace, an activist, a senior hippie, a woman of courage, a remarkable woman, and ultimately, a Great American.

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Enjoy Nadine Arlyn’s 30-minute dramatization of the important moments in Jeannette’s life from age 24 in 1904 to age 92 in 1972, including her Congressional votes against both World Wars and leading a ten-thousand-woman march up Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House to protest the Vietnam War.


“Jeannette Rankin is the champion of peace.”

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Meet the real Jeannette Rankin as Ms. Arlyn narrates an eight-minute sequence of authorized photographs plus a live moment on film in 1968 as 88-year-old Jeannette firmly responds to a reporter's questions about her presence in Washington D.C.

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Image of Nadine Arlyn as Jeannette Rankin, Suffragette, 1904
Suffragette, 1904
Image of Nadine Arlyn as Jeannette Rankin, campaigning for Congress, 1916
“I vote NO!”—Congress, 1941
Image of Nadine Arlyn as Jeannette Rankin, 2nd time in Congress, 1941
“Certainly I can walk!”—1968

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